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The Portable mode is self-contained, maximizing the advantage of having all of the cleaning tools on board – important when a high level of cleanliness needs to be achieved in a short timeframe, such as on airplanes, buses or trains. Likewise, for light daytime cleaning of shopping malls or airports.

Portable mode has the added advantage to the airline industry of being a truly “onboard cleaning system”, with only the waste bag leaving the aircraft. DEX can remain onboard permanently, minimizing security issues and risks of different contaminated cleaning equipment entering the plane at each airport.

This mode is also ideal for classroom situations, allowing for quick and effective cleaning around furniture and fittings.


A single operator equipped with Dex can quickly and easily around the confined space of an airplane. They can access aisles and maneuver around and under seats unencumbered by excess bulk or weight. Again, Dex can be split into two parts (vacuum and spary).



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