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"Innovation drives commercial value and success. Campbell + Scott understand this and have applied it to an industry of huge global scale and one in which they have years of operational and management experience. Accordingly, from a Deloitte perspective, we have seen the evolution from idea through to a ‘step-change’ product, and now the embarkation on the global commercialisation process for which we see major potential and excitement. Glenn and John are energetic, knowledgeable but grounded and this is critical to success.”

                         Mike Horne Partner, Accounting & Advisory, Deloitte



"I was on the panel who selected Dex, from a long list of candidates, as a project for the Evolver design process. Dex is a truly innovative product, and Glenn Campbell is the sort of energetic entrepreneur who will bring it effectively to market.”                                                Dr                               Norman Evans CEO, Upstart Business Incubator


DCC Economic Development Unit.

"I was instrumental in Glenn becoming part of the ‘Evolver’ team at the Otago Polytechnic. His product ideas and passion for revolutionising the cleaning industry were methodically researched in a professional manner. The team from the Polytechnic also saw the huge potential his ideas had, not only for the cleaning industry but for other industries also. Over the last two years the combined input of the partners has seen the realisation of their first product which displays innovative design allied with practical application. The revolution has begun.”                                                                                                                          

   Desmond Adamson Business Development Advisor, Economic Development Unit, DCC


Evolver Design & Innovation Centre.

The first of many Evolver innovation projects, Dex has set the standard for innovative product development here. It has been a pleasure working alongside Campbell + Scott, and in particular, collaborating with an enthusiastic and motivated entrepreneur such as Glenn, to help realise his vision, has been extremely satisfying.”                                             

           Pat Maguire Director, Evolver Design Innovation, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin

Animation Research Ltd.

"As General Manager of ARL I see my team create amazing, innovative things every day. Dex stands out because it’s one of those “of course” products, that is it’s something that nobody else has done but everyone will wish they had when they see it. Glenn’s obvious passion for the cleaning industry has resulted in a product where nothing has been left to chance. I’m sure Dex will punch well above its weight.”                                                                                                        Cheryl Adams General Manager, Animation Research Ltd, Dunedin

Dunedin City Council.

"I have worked with Glenn and his team over the last 2 years while they developed their innovative cleaning system and in particular the Backpack which stores the vacuum cleaner. Glenn has always approached the development in a pragmatic and professional way which has been reflected in the quality of the final product"   

          Ross Grey Business Development Adviser, Economic Development Unit, DCC 

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