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Health mode Dex has the ability to clean quietly and to exceptionally high standards is key to the Health mode. The system’s manoeuvrability, cordless facility and “green” capability (i.e. it is compatible with both biobased products and electrolysed-water (ecH2O) technology) make it ideal for the healthcare sector. 



While backpack vacuums are not used widely in hospitals, the Dex Cleaning System Health mode incorporates up to four times HEPA controlled filtration with top exhaust ducting, reducing the risk of cross contamination and patient discomfort.


The Dex Cleaning System’s Health mode is unobtrusive to use around patients, with the quiet vacuum system and lack of cords. With exceptional levels of cleanliness required, the HEPA filtration system is critical. And on-hand wand extensions and accessories allow the operator to reach even difficult-to-clean areas

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