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Dex Cleaning System



A world of opportunity to own the only fully integrated cordless go anywhere total clean system.


General cleaning “Total Clean” efficiencies of 450sqm per hour using the DEX system with standard on board tools, further efficiencies can be achieved using proprietary vertical positioned carpet tools of a further 20% saving on floor areas.


500sqm/hour of “Total Clean” is realistically achieved using the DEX GEN II advanced system. (Completed with 50% battery life remaining) 36V-12a/h platform.


Chemical Dispensing. Use chosen chemicals in the existing on- board delivery system or a new proprietary designed dispensing system for exclusive use on DEX for a “total clean” solution. Designed to be used with or without the backpack vacuum.


  • Portable and lightweight battery powered low noise backpack vacuum.

  • Patented weight distribution system.

  • Posture support incorporating Pivot arms.

  • Patented snap fit mounting clips for accessory tools.

  • On-board liquid dispensing.

  • High productivity vertical positioning wand and floor tools.

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