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Dex Cleaning System


  • Modular lightweight and portable cleaning cart.

  • Multiple cart modes include: Portable, Commercial, Health & Waste.

  • Collapsible for easy transportation.

  • Multiple Wet Mop, Storage and Waste system expansion kits.

  • Expandable waste capacity up to 720 litres


Complementing the DEX Backpack and accessories is the DEX Modular cart incorporating lockable storage cases, a large waste capacity (storage and waste system) and both traditional and micro fibre wet containers (micro-fibre mop system) This also reduces the need for additional cleaning cart requirements in other locations.

Integrating the two systems seems so logical, that you wonder why it has not been done before. It reduces the need for several conventional trolleys and the inconvenience of buckets, mops rubbish bags, spray bottles and consumables being separate.

The modular cart is portable and versatile, all of which allow unlimited configurations to fit specific cleaning scenarios, unlike conventional trolleys. It is quick and easy to assemble , and to break down again, for transport to the next job or for storage.


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