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In Commercial mode the quiet and cordless features are central to the success of the Commercial mode, as they allow the system to also be used during working hours. This is possible because of the battery-powered, low decibel output of the vacuum system and the compact nature of DEX.


Cleaning contractors will immediately appreciate the massive strategic advantage that being able to clean during working hours would have on their business. It gives operators more visual control of productivity, the opportunity to expand the pool of staff available for cleaning and allows better lighting for quality assurance. For the client, it reduces security concerns and they can see the cleaning occurring, so they are aware of what they are paying for at each service.


Commercial mode can be used by one or two operators – either in close proximity, or separated as they complete allocated tasks. Dex makes staircases and escalators quicker and safer to clean. The operator has increased mobility – with no floor bound vacuum unit to haul from step to step – and no cords trailing behind.


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